About Us:

Owner, Helen Cipollone-Carden, worked an apprenticeship for 5 years under the direction of her farther who was a watchmaker from Italy with 50 years in the watchmakng industy.  Helen was with Way's Watchmakers for 3 years, and was a Certified Jewler  with Phillip's for 5 years. In 1991 Helen moved to Lake County and worked at The Clock Shop in Leesburg with well-known Watch & Clockmaker Dick Thomas. She became sole owner in 1996.

Helen's husband John is a Rolex trained watchmaker specializing in high-grade watch repair with name brands such as Rolex, Hamilton, Omega, Patek-Phillippe and many others.

David Miller started as an apprentice and has now been with The Clock Shop for 10 years.

Marna Wrosch is currently working as an apprentice.